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Welcome to StartHouseCleaning.com! My goal is to assist you in accomplishing three things:

  1. To help you establish a new and profitable house cleaning business that can be an alternative to your day job.
  2. To help you grow your cleaning business and increase profits, expand your services, and hire employees.
  3. To help you take control of your life and earn more money.

Our Journey Begins 

The truth is that I started cleaning homes out of necessity as I was facing financial difficulties and needed to increase my income. My husband and I had no savings and no plans for our retirement. Our debts were mounting, and something needed to change fast. It seemed like we would never catch a break, with unexpected expenses constantly popping up, making saving impossible. We even considered selling our home to pay off debts at one point, but I knew that wasn’t the answer. We needed to earn more money and quickly.

After numerous late-night brainstorming sessions on how to earn some extra cash, I remembered cleaning homes with my mother when I was a child. She had started cleaning houses to supplement her income, and I wondered why I couldn’t do the same. I fondly remember working with my mother during the summers, cleaning homes, and earning $5.00 daily. It may not seem like much, but as a 10-year-old, $5.00 felt like a fortune.

Why House Cleaning Is, the Ideal Business

One of the best things about a cleaning business is its flexible hours! No evenings or weekends are required. Say goodbye to sacrificing your evenings and weekends for a paycheckā€”no more dead-end jobs with no room for advancement.

A cleaning business allows you to generate a substantial income for yourself and your family with the potential to scale and grow as much as you want. And the best part is that you don’t need a formal education to get started, and the startup costs are minimal compared to other businesses.

Everything You Need for Success

Through House Cleaning University, I will share all the tips, tricks, and strategies I’ve learned to grow my house cleaning business to earn over $2000 a week.

With years of cleaning experience, I’ll teach you how to clean professionally, ensuring your customers have a positive experience and refer you to their friends and family. I want to see you succeed and will share everything I know with you.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes I’ve seen firsthand the mistakes that other cleaning companies make through the hiring process. I’ll teach you how to prevent these mistakes through House Cleaning University so you always retain customers and receive positive feedback. The number of referrals I’ve received because of poor cleaning services is staggering.

Fast Forward… 

Today much has changed. Since starting my house cleaning business, I’ve grown it to three full routes, servicing 45 homes a week, 180 homes a month, and 2160 homes a year.

My husband and I have successfully paid off all our debts and no longer worry about paying the bills. We have a growing savings account and can enjoy simple pleasures without hesitation – fancy dinners, new home purchases, and family trips.

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job, unsatisfied with your career, unemployed, or just looking to earn extra money and pay off debt, starting a residential cleaning business could be your ticket to a better life and financial freedom.

Ready to learn how I started a house cleaning business that earns over $2000 a week? Click Here!

House Cleaning University

Last modified: 18 February 2023

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