How to Start a Cleaning Business from Scratch With No Experience

Are you considering starting a residential cleaning business from scratch but have no prior experience in the industry? Starting a cleaning business can be a great way to work for yourself and create your own schedule while also providing a valuable service to homeowners in your community. However, starting a business can be overwhelming, especially if you have never done it. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to help you start your residential cleaning business and establish it as a successful venture.

Starting From Scratch With No Experience: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Research and Planning

Before you start a cleaning business, it is important to research the industry and create a detailed business plan. This will help you identify your target market, understand your competition, and create a roadmap for your business. Start by identifying the services you will offer and the specific types of customers you want to target. This could include homeowners, renters, or businesses. Determine your pricing structure, and identify your unique selling proposition (USP) – what sets your business apart from the competition. A thorough business plan will also include a budget and financial projections for the first year of operations.

Step 2: Register Your Business

Once you have a business plan, register your business with the appropriate government agencies. This will include obtaining any necessary licenses and permits, registering your business name, and obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) if you plan to hire employees. Check with your state and local government for specific requirements.

Step 3: Purchase Equipment and Supplies

To provide cleaning services, you will need to purchase equipment and supplies. This may include a vacuum, cleaning solutions, and cleaning tools such as mops, brooms, and dusters. Purchase high-quality equipment and supplies to ensure you provide top-notch service to your clients.

Step 4: Develop a Marketing Strategy

You will need to develop a marketing strategy to attract clients to your business. This may include creating a website, listing your business in online directories, and networking with local businesses. Create business cards and flyers to distribute in your community, and consider running targeted Facebook ads to reach potential customers. Establishing a referral program for your clients can also be an effective way to attract new business.

Step 5: Hire Employees

You may need employees to help with the workload as your business grows. Hire employees who share your passion for cleaning and customer service and who are reliable and trustworthy. Provide training to ensure all employees understand your cleaning methods and customer service standards.

Step 6: Provide Exceptional Service

Providing exceptional service is the key to growing your cleaning business. Focus on delivering high-quality service to every client and consistently exceed their expectations. Listen to your client’s feedback, and adjust your services to ensure their satisfaction.

In Summary,

Starting a residential cleaning business from scratch with no experience is an exciting and rewarding venture, but it requires careful planning and dedication to provide exceptional service. With a solid business plan, quality equipment and supplies, and a focus on customer service, you can establish your business as a successful venture in your community.

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Learning to Clean: Starting From Scratch With No Experience

Having no prior experience in cleaning? Don’t worry! Learning to clean can be easy, and several resources are available to help you learn.

Research online:

Many free resources online can help you learn how to clean. Look for cleaning tips and tutorials on websites like YouTube, Pinterest, and cleaning blogs. You can find information on cleaning techniques, tools, and cleaning solutions.

Take an online course:

Several online courses can teach you the basics of cleaning and advanced techniques. These courses are typically self-paced and affordable and can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of cleaning methods.

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Practice cleaning:

The best way to learn how to clean is to practice! Start by cleaning your own home, and experiment with different cleaning methods and products. Pay attention to the details, such as cleaning corners and crevices, and learn how to clean efficiently and effectively.

Ask for advice:

If you know someone with experience in cleaning, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. They may have tips and tricks that can help you improve your cleaning skills.

Attend a cleaning workshop:

Look for local cleaning workshops or seminars that provide hands-on training in cleaning techniques. These workshops can be a great way to learn from experienced professionals and connect with others in the industry.


As with any skill, cleaning takes time and practice. With dedication and persistence, you can become an expert in cleaning and start a successful cleaning business. Good luck on your learning journey!

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Is Starting a Cleaning Business From Scratch With No Experience Right For You? Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are considering starting a residential cleaning business from scratch without experience, it is important to determine if this type of business is right for you. While cleaning can be fulfilling and profitable, it is not for everyone. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine if a cleaning business is right for you:

Do you enjoy cleaning?

Cleaning is the foundation of your business, so it is important that you enjoy doing it. You will be spending a lot of time cleaning, so if you find it tedious or unpleasant, then this may not be the right business for you.

Are you physically capable of cleaning for extended periods?

Cleaning can be physically demanding, and you will need to be able to perform physical tasks such as bending, lifting, and reaching for extended periods of time. If physical limitations prevent you from performing these tasks, then a cleaning business may not be the right choice for you.

Do you have an eye for detail?

Cleaning is not just about sweeping and wiping surfaces. A good cleaning business takes pride in providing attention to detail in every aspect of its cleaning services. If you are not detail-oriented, you may miss important areas that need to be cleaned.

Are you comfortable working independently?

As a cleaning business owner, you will spend most of your time working alone. If you thrive in social environments and don’t enjoy working alone, you may find this work isolating.

Are you willing to invest time and effort to market your business?

As a new business owner, you must spend much time and effort marketing your services to build a customer base. If you are unwilling to invest time and effort to market your business, then it may not be the right choice.

Do you have the necessary startup funds?

Starting a cleaning business requires initial equipment, supplies, and marketing investment. If you do not have the funds to invest in these areas, then a cleaning business may not be feasible.

Do you have good communication and customer service skills?

In addition to cleaning, your business will require good communication and customer service skills. You will need to communicate clearly with your clients, understand their needs, and provide exceptional customer service to build a loyal customer base.

In Summary,

By answering these questions honestly, you can determine if starting a residential cleaning business from scratch is right for you. Suppose you are passionate about cleaning, detail-oriented, physically capable, and have the necessary startup funds and customer service skills. In that case, a cleaning business could be a fulfilling and profitable venture for you.

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